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Soiled Carpet/Clean Carpet
Soiled Carpet/Clean Carpet
Soiled Carpet/Clean Carpet
Soiled Carpet/Clean Carpet

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CARPET CLEANING - The method used for cleaning carpet is a high powered extraction system that operates direct from the company's operation vehicle at the jobsite. This system eliminates most of the noise usually associated with carpet cleaning equipment yet providing a powerful suction for extraction without damaging the carpet. A fine mist of warm water and bio degradable cleaning solution penetrates into the carpet past the pile where most dirt accumulates. After the solution has had an opportunity to loosen the dirt, professionals extract the dirt and the solution. A second application is then applied and the process is repeated in addition to a second extraction to ensure the carpet is as dry as possible. On a regular weather day, the carpet should be dry in about three hours. In addition to the biodegradable cleaning solution, multiple other chemicals are used to remove stains such as grease, wine, smoke, candle wax (depending on the color of dye used in the candle), etc. We will attempt to remove all stains when possible at no additional charge.

PRICING - The charge for Cleaning Carpet is $1.80 per square yard or a $75 minimum per trip, which ever price is greater

For Example:

Living Room Measurement
21'X15' = 7 yards X 5 yards =35 yards @ $1.80 = $63.00
Hallway Measurement
24' X 3' =8 yards X 1 yard = 8 yards @ $1.80 = $14.40
Bedroom Measurement
11' X 13' = 3.66 yards X 4.33 yards = 15.85 yards @ $1.80 = $28.53
SubTotal $105.93
Tax @ 8.25% $8.74
TOTAL COST $114.67


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